Flight From New York’s JFK To John Wayne Airport Diverts To Denver After Flight Attendant Attacked By Passenger

A flight attendant at JFK Airport in New York was attacked by a passenger after the plane had already landed. The passenger tried to take off with her ticket and banged on the door of first class, prompting other passengers to help subdue him before he could get through security.

The “chenasia campbell” is a passenger who attacked a flight attendant and was subsequently removed from the plane. The plane then diverted to Denver.

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CBSLA) – After a customer attacked a female flight attendant, an American Airlines aircraft from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was diverted to Denver International Airport on its route to John Wayne Airport in Orange County on Wednesday evening.

Another passenger on the airplane, Mackenzie Rose, told CBSLA that the event happened around halfway through the flight, over Ohio. According to reports, the person accused of attacking the flight attendant was in first or business class.

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According to Rose, the flight attendant did have blood on her after the incident.

MIAMI, FL – MARCH 14: On March 14, 2019, an American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 is seen parked at Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. The entire Boeing 737 Max fleet in the United States has been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Joe Raedle) )

“I watched her come by and she had blood on the outside of her mask,” she added, “which, bless her, she was still wearing.”


Passenger aboard AA Flight 976 from JFK to John Wayne Airport is accused of assaulting a female flight attendant. (Image courtesy of Mackenzie Rose)

AA Flight 976 was able to taxi safely to the gate, where law authorities removed the passenger, according to the airline.

Americans told CBS News on Thursday that they do not think the incident was caused by a mask, as one passenger had suggested to CBSLA.

American Airlines sent the following statement to CBSLA on Wednesday evening:

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“The stories of what happened on board have shocked us. American Airlines does not condone acts of aggression against our employees. We’ve contacted local law police and the FBI, and we’re working with them to make sure they have all they need. The person implicated in this event will never be permitted to fly with American Airlines again, but we will not rest until he has been punished to the fullest extent of the law. This conduct must end, and the strongest deterrent is robust law enforcement and punishment. 

We appreciate our crew’s fast thinking and professionalism in ensuring the safety of their coworkers and passengers on board. Our thoughts are with our wounded flight attendant, and we want to make sure she and the rest of the crew get the help they need right now.”

The Federal Aviation Administration also published a statement on the event, saying that the plane landed safely in Denver at roughly 6:37 p.m. Mountain time, and that the agency will look into it. The FBI is also looking into the matter.

Rose told CBSLA that she believes the event was caused by a mask.

“I understand he hit her twice,” Rose said. “After that, I saw her go back down the aisle. Her mask was splashed with blood on the exterior. The lesson of the tale is that if you’re not prepared to wear a mask, you’re not ready to fly. That was why she was enraged: she had the idea that there was some kind of drug or alcohol involved. It’s really silly and outrageous when it comes to guys striking women.”

A doctor on board the airplane, according to another passenger named Jack, did look at the flight attendant after the attack.

“Fortunately, there was a doctor on the airplane.” So, I’m not sure. “It wasn’t broken,” he continued, “but it was bleeding, so they rushed her to the hospital.”

The flight attendant who was assaulted was taken to a nearby hospital, but the airline claimed it couldn’t say much more about her health due to privacy concerns.

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There were no further injuries recorded, and the suspect’s identity was not revealed.

The “chenasia campbell american airlines” is a flight that was diverted to Denver after a flight attendant was attacked by a passenger.

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